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Product Feature Release
April 28, 2023 · Last updated on June 5, 2023

2023 April: Product Feature Releases

2023 April: Product Feature Releases
# Product Update
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All the product features released in April of 2023

2023 April: Product Feature Releases

On-site check in 

Gradual now provides an onsite check-in experience for in-person events that allows attendees to check themselves in on an Ipad kiosk and print their name badge. As the event organizer, you can see in real-time who’s checked in, and provide an elevated first impression of your events.

For those utilizing the Gradual Go mobile app, name badges will print unique QR codes on each attendee’s name tag that links to their profile. Attendees can scan each other’s code to connect, learn more about one another, and schedule a 1:1 meeting during the event. This is also a great asset for sponsors and partners attending your events to capture leads.

If you have an in-person event coming up where you’d like to utilize this feature, please reach out to the Gradual team to enable it. 

Dashboard Improvements

Text Entry Timepicker

The time pickers throughout the dashboard can now be entered or edited using text entry, in addition to scrolling to find the date and time. This comes in handy when you are building your agenda or adding multiple time slots to a roundtable as you can copy and paste the date and times to move through the process more quickly.

Remember that time is on a 24-hour clock (military time) in Gradual.

Member Profile Access

To access a member’s profile from the Member List you can now select either their avatar / profile picture, or their name to view their profile page. 


The system will automatically hide the Channels menu item on the front end of your community if there are no published or visible Channels in the dashboard. 

Later this year we will be improving the Channels feature, and releasing Forums to allow for threaded, engaging discussions amongst your community members. 

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