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May 11, 2023 · Last updated on June 5, 2023

Video Recording Tools & Specs

Video Recording Tools & Specs
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Learn more about the tools we're familiar with and suggest

Video Recording Tools & Specs

We have used a variety of video recording tools and can provide some suggestions that are easy to use, and reliable.

We also have a list of video specs to follow to ensure your video quality is appropriate for web streaming.


Video Recording Tools

There are a variety of tools you can use to record your video, from very simple everyday software to studio-grade platforms.


This open-source livestream tool can be used to capture screen recordings with video. You also get the flexibility to build “scenes”, allowing you to compose your video.

OBS isn’t an editor, so if you need to do edits, you’ll need to do that in another place.


A simple screen capture with a video recording tool. Loom also provides some basic editing capabilities. You don’t get a ton of control over the composition, but Loom wins for simplicity.


If you don’t have slides to accompany your talk, you can record yourself using Quicktime on Mac and capture the recording.


Lastly, you can simply use Zoom to record your talk. Start a new meeting, share your screen, and start your talk. After you end the meeting you should end up with recordings of yourself and your slides.

This won’t be the highest quality recording, so we recommend using one of the other options.


Video Specs

Here are the specs we suggest for any video you record that gives the production team, or editor the most flexibility to create a masterpiece!


  1. Frame rate:1080p 30fps (29.97 is okay)
  2. Aspect ratio:16:9
  3. File type: .mov or .mp4
  4. Video codec: H.264


  1. Watch the whole video after you record to ensure the audio and video stay in sync throughout the whole video.
  2. Leave a little “tail” on the front and back end of the video. This can be you just smiling at the camera or a black screen. This gives flexibility to the production team when bringing the video on and off-air and editing.
  3. If using slides, all should be 16:9 aspect ratio.


Ensure your recording environment is optimal by following these tips and tricks.

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