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The Gradual Community is a space to connect with other community leaders. Attend events, share content, and make new connections with all kinds of senior community builders.
Gradual Community
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7:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Apr 5 GMT
Gradual 2023 Q1 Product Update
Join us for our Q1 product update!
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4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Nov 2 PDT
Example: Marketing Leader Roundtable Dinner


4 community leaders battle it out on the debate of how to handle lurkers in your community. They've taken their stance and will represent three approaches in a panel discussion. Leave them be: Laura Zug Try to get them active: Leslie Greenwood & Tim McDonald Kick them out: Bri Leever Each talks about their approach and when their approach is the right one to take.
Feb 23rd, 2023 | Views 109
Alfredo Morresi and Van Riper have over a decade of experience at Google in developer relationship and community management. They will talk about their experiences in the context of the Google Developer Groups, a meta community program born in 2009 that has grown to 1,000+ chapters across 140 countries. They discuss how to build a program at that scale with benefits for the company, benefits for the developer community, and benefits for the world.
Jan 27th, 2023 | Views 316
We invest hours, days, months, maybe even years of time building a community space. After all that investment, do we have the ability to shut it down if it's not working? No matter how much effort we've put into a community space, we have to be honest about whether or not it's serving and supporting the community and be willing to let go. But that's easier said than done. This is an honest conversation with veteran community builder and current Head of Community at Nextdoor, Caty Kobe to where she explores her experiences shutting down community spaces. Caty shares insights from her own community journeys of what has worked, and what hasn't, and some tips and tricks to know when and how to move on.
Jan 17th, 2023 | Views 132