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Gradual Deep Dive Demo

Posted Oct 09, 2023 | Views 488
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This is a deep-dive exploration of the different features of Gradual. In 8 minutes you'll get a broad tour of the different components of Gradual. A great primer to the different ways Gradual can power your community.

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This is going to be a deep dive into the features and functions of gradual

If you want to learn more about any particular part of gradual consult or help docs or reach out to our team will be happy to give you a deeper dive.

Let's start with connection, and that usually starts with the profile. The People tab gives you and out of the box directory of all the members of your community that can be filtered to help members discover others with whom they can connect. All the filter content and the profile information that you choose for your community is totally customizable. Ask questions that are relevant for your members in the context of your community.

You can even ask questions that are hidden only available to you

and to the member themselves, but not public. All this information can also be mapped to your CRM with integrations and workbooks, which we'll take a look at later

on an individual profile page. Someone can message and connect with others. Those messages and any group conversations will show up in their messages.

Tab. Here's an example of one from a monthly meeting that's a roundtable and gradual. The context of that message history exists even after

the event is over. If you connect with someone in the gradual mobile app, perhaps at an event, that message history will show up in the same community space as well.

Other ways members can communicate with one another are in channels which are more of a right now instant message, slack or discord style discussion. Great for synchronous conversations with smaller groups or topics or gradual is new forum feature which provides deeper context conversation points on topics, content, or events.

Any member can create a new forum post and any other member can comment and react to that post.

You can deep link to these forum conversations to drive asynchronous conversation and really provide more engagement for members of the community.

Events is a huge piece of the graduate experience and they come in different shapes and sizes. Roundtables, as seen on the homepage, are simple

meeting room discussions that people can jump into. They can be set to have certain times or can be always on.

The event types range from simple in-person events all the way up to multi-stage multi-day conferences. The events are all created in the single space, in the dashboard and in creating an event, it automatically generates all the components reminder emails, event landing pages and registration forms, as well as syncs to the gradual mobile app and check in app, which will take a look at when we get to in-person events.

The first event type is going to be one on one match All it is is a way for people to randomly network with one another. All you do is set up the event. No content or anything is required. Members will join, get started and it will place them into a queue for them to match with others.

They can explore who else is in the event with them so they understand who they're going to match with and their match history will show up after the fact.

Other event types are meeting rooms. The meeting room is best thought of similar to a standard video call, but with the added benefit of the context within gradual I set up the registration page can add agenda can showcase other attendees who are going to join members join in gradual No need to launch a separate platform or go anywhere else.

They simply join the conversation and then the context of the community is still there with them. I can see the message history. I can understand who's in the call with me because I have the rich profile right here on the right hand side. As the meeting organizer

I can record the conversation, generate breakout rooms, screen share, and can spotlight members or attendees to help power the recording.

The last virtual event type is a livestream event.

This is the largest and most flexible of the gradual event types and offers lots of robust functionality inside of the event.

You'll have your live stream stage and can have multiple stages happening concurrently

and a deep agenda with other methods of engagement. You'll see here I can have a meeting room within the agenda to Power Q&A, or I can even do one on one match just like that event type here as well. Roundtables are a way for people to connect with one another and you to do breakout rooms within the context of the event.

And as you'll notice, as I explore or look at sponsor booths or people who are here, the content in the conversation stays with me on the right hand side. So I don't lose that engagement.

The last event type is in person as more and more communities are continuing to do in-person events. We want to make it easy to support those within gradual.

I can have my event registration page. I can even take paid tickets for any event type, but especially relevant for in-person include the location and other information.

What comes along with this, though, is the gradual in-person check in. This allows me to facilitate in-person check in right within the context of gradual and print on demand name badges, capture compliance or agreement to policies and automatically sync those registrations to gradual. If I had a batch printer connected to this, it would print out automatically. And all this information is updated in real time.

I also have the gradual mobile app, which is for attendees. The mobile app allows them to see speakers, other attendees and build out a custom agenda. They can even facilitate one on one conversations and meetings that are mutually opted into and easily coordinated without you having to do anything.

Once events take place, you can seamlessly convert that content into your content library.

I've got my featured content here at the top with something like a video which is hosted in whatever Native Player you want. I can feature speakers, a summary and a full transcript. On the right hand side will suggest ads for other things that you specify that you want to drive members toward, as well as suggesting additional content for them to explore.

Your content is easy to organize. I can have featured content on the top and then can build out collections or playlists.

and all of the content, all of the events and all the people and conversations are unified in the Federated search within gradual.

This allows you to have a hub of information inside of graduate, where everything can be discovered and easily explored by members.

Other tools and resources in gradual include the tools, which is like a sponsor booth area. It is a very flexible structure for use and I can have sub communities or groups, meaning I can have additional gradual communities linked to a parent which allows you to further segment and separate your community.

All of this is powered by a robust dashboard where I can control everything within my community. Simply, I can generate new events. Symetra fix all my community health, coordinate and set up any integrations as well as customize my community and all of the things that come with community management. The objective is that I always have the information I need at my fingertips and can easily manage it inside the gradual dashboard.

Gradual provides a single hub for all of your community activities, whether it's events, content or facilitating connection between members. Everything lives in one branded, customizable environment and can be deeply leveraged to build your community, foster engagement and help your community grow.

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