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Introduction to Gradual

Posted Feb 17, 2022 | Views 1K
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Team @ Gradual
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This overview explores the core functions within Gradual. Learn how all the main components of Gradual can help you build a engaged and thriving community.

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Gradual provides one place where your community can call home. Gradual is built for purpose driven communities, focused on fostering engagement and connection among their members. Your community home starts with the homepage. Here members have a view of everything that's new and noteworthy in the community.

They can view upcoming events, see new members, check out trending discussions and stay up to date on the latest content.

Connection is the foundation of community. And the foundation of gradual is the member profile. When members sign up, they enter some basic information to log in. Once inside the community, we ask them to complete their onboarding.

This is where you get to determine what you want to know about your members and what you want them to share with one another. Once members complete their profile, they can connect in a number of ways. They can start off exploring other members to find someone to connect with. With a shared goal or similar profile. Users can send a direct message to one another, or maybe they want to join a discussion in one of the channels, or maybe they want to connect face-to-face with a new connection.

Members can participate in a match event where they're paired with another person for quick five minute video call. After the call, the members are connected and can continue their conversation in messages. The way users connect persists throughout the community, and at each event you host on gradual. Events are flexible and robust, whether a simple webinar or a multi-day multi-stage conference, gradual has the flexibility to meet your needs.

Easily set up an event page capture registrations, and send automated reminder emails to make sure your registrants attend. Once inside the event, the focus is on keeping members engaged with the content. The stage is a feed from whatever live stream tool or recorded video you use. As attendees, explore, the stage stays with them so they can stay engaged and participate with the chat and reactions.

Attendees can explore an easy to navigate agenda that drives them to action or take a look at other attendees or speakers. If hosting a conference, set up multiple stages and enable sponsor booths where users can connect with your partners and learn about tools and solutions, you've curated for your community.

Just like in the community, users can match message and join the conversation during the events as well. And those conversations last, even after the event has ended. Once the event's over add a replay, so members can share and others can come back and watch the content. Content is another robust component of the gradual platform. We know one of the core ways communities grow and thrive is by publishing content that needs to be shared and easily discoverable. Host your blogs, videos, podcasts, or resource pages, right within gradual.

Each page is indexed and can be configured to be publicly accessible or behind a form to capture interest from new community members. All of your content events and members are all managed within the gradual dashboard. Here, you can configure integrations, reporting and see analytics for your community events and content.

Gradual helps to give you one place for all your community activities. So you can spend less time managing tools and more time building your community. Gradual is the home for your community.

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