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Ways to Engage on Gradual

Posted Jun 27, 2022 | Views 616
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In this video we explore how Gradual promotes live engagement in events and in the community. Featuring roundtables, meeting rooms, and group conversations.

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Gradual has the tools you need to engage with your community and help them connect with one another. Round tables provide a quick and easy way for users to join conversations on different topics. Just set up a round table discussion, choose if you want to assign a host and users can easily join in. You can also set the room size to keep conversations.

Inside a round table, users can chat and view each other's profiles so they can easily build new connections. And users can see who else is joining so they can jump in before the seats are gone.

You can host round tables within events as well. This is a great way to engage attendees during breaks or conduct breakout sessions within events.

You can also add meeting rooms right into the agenda. These have the same functionality as round tables, but live within the event agenda, so they're easy to find. A great practice is to host your speaker Q&As, or follow up discussions after a session in a meeting room. It provides a great and intimate way for attendees to connect with each other and your content.

There are tons of creative ways to provide an engaging and connecting event experience.

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