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Tools and Sponsor Booths on Gradual

Posted Feb 17, 2022 | Views 345
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Team @ Gradual
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Learn about the tools section and sponsor booths on Gradual.

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Gradual tools and Sponsor Video

Gradual as a one-stop environment for community, it allows brands and groups to host events, share content and foster, meaningful connection among members. It also has ways for communities to feature partners in spots. Gradual features sponsors in two ways. First at the community level, in the tool section and with an events in virtual sponsor booths, both spaces, feature much of the same functionality and offering engaging ways for users to interact.

We want it to be easy for members to engage that they feel their information is protected and that sponsors can create a community and movement around their product events on gradual can feature sponsored by. Sponsors are assigned customizable tiers and can configure their booth with different options.

Sponsors can configure different cards that enable users to engage in different ways. You can share a video about your product. You can allow users to download a PDF resource, send users to a page on your way. Or do physical or digital giveaways. Each of the cards can be customized. And you can determine if you want to use the card is just information or as an opportunity for lead capture users have a simple one-click opt-in and the lead is automatically delivered to your self service dashboard.

In real time, beyond the cards, sponsor booths offer live engagement with event attendees. You can host a live chat room on gradual where users can come and go to talk with your sales team, or you can even host a round table discussion within your booth to build community and thought leadership in the context of your brand and users can always reach out and message you to connect.

One thing we've always wanted was a way to feature our partners and sponsors all the time, not just within the context of what. That's the purpose of the tools section of gradual. This is an evergreen space to feature sponsors and partners with the same ways to engage with your audience, just like the sponsor booths, different partners can be showcased at different levels.

If you have your own gradual community, you can drive users there to attend your events and build a community yourself. Allow users to grab badges for products they use attended round table discussions, just like an event and connect with your brand and your users and customers. Your sponsor, booth and tools feature are all managed within a self service dashboard where you can update your content retrieve leads and customize your presence.

24 7. The goal of gradual is to provide meaningful interaction for. With the feedback from tens of thousands of event attendees event planners and sponsors, we've built, what we think is the most engaging and meaningful way to connect communities to the partners and tools that help users be successful.

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