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Product Feature Release
July 1, 2024

2024 June Product Feature Release

2024 June Product Feature Release
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All the product features released in June of 2024

Laura Curzi
Laura Curzi
2024 June Product Feature Release

Featured Feature

Community Clubs

Feature geographical chapters within your community through the new Clubs module. There are several assets you can build, promote, and share within chapters - events for members, content specific to them, and featured leaders of the club. Control access to clubs - they can be open, private, or secret to community members to see and to join.

Learn more about the beta Community Clubs feature here

Other Features

Virtual Ticket - available in all event types

Virtual tickets and attendee ticket pages can now be built for all event types. These tickets create a virtual ticket graphic and a personalized page for each registrant and are a great way to encourage attendees to market your event on social media and drive referrals through link shares.

Learn more about virtual tickets and referrals here

Event Collaborators - Access to chat moderation

Event collaborators now have access to chat moderation tools like pinning or deleting messages and moderating Q&A in meeting and livestream events. Collaborators at all levels - Event Admin, Manager or Editor are automatically granted this access when added to the event via the Permissions tab, or as the event creator Collaborator. Learn more about adding Community Collaborators here, and more about adding Event Collaborators here.  

Hybrid Events - Apps

Gradual’s Check-in and mobile event app are now available for both hybrid and in-person events to provide attendees with elevated experiences on-site.  Learn more about our check-in app here, and our event mobile app here.

Learn more about hybrid events here

Loom & ShowPad added as video source options

You can now use Loom or Showpad as a video source for video content pieces, or embedding in blogs, resources, and event descriptions.  Learn more about adding videos to your content library here, and more about embedding content here

Community Info Card

Customizing the community info card has moved to Settings → Customization in the dashboard. This community card can populate on the Forum page, and/or the Clubs page in your tenant. 


Learn more about the Community Info Card here

Content Card - Increased resolution

To improve clarity, content cards have all been updated to accept a higher resolution of 1600x900, which is double the size of the original recommended resolution. 


Integration/Webhooks/API Updates


  1. This webhook will trigger any time a new user is created in your Gradual tenant, regardless of source. Payload now includes a value of “signUpSource” which will indicate the method by which the user was created
  2. The Hubspot integration has also been updated and will trigger any time a new user is created, regardless of source, with the signUpSource value included in payload
  3. For more information, visit the documentation here

Help Docs & Resources

Find all the documentation and resources on these new features and updates from June 2024 in our support center

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