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Product Feature Release
May 31, 2024

2024 May Product Feature Release

2024 May Product Feature Release
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All the product features released in May of 2024

Laura Curzi
Laura Curzi
2024 May Product Feature Release

Most of May’s feature releases surround updates to virtual events and meeting rooms in Gradual and are featured first in this resource.

Event Updates

Event reporting 

Several self-service event reports are now available for download from the dashboard to help you better understand attendee engagement for all your virtual and in-person events. Check out the Reports tab in the event dashboard to see all available exports including:

  1. Sessions Report: General statistics for all sessions of the event
  2. Registered Attendees: All registered attendees with their profile and registration information
  3. Logged In Attendees: All logged-in attendees with their profile and registration information
  4. 1:1 Match Report: The 1:1 match history with participant details
  5. Chat History: Chat messages of all the stages and channels
  6. Q&A History: Q&A messages from all stages
  7. Checked-In Attendees: All checked-in attendees with their profile and registration information
  8. Checked-In Guests: All checked-in guests with their registration information
  9. In-Person Meeting Report: The in-person meeting history with participant information

Learn more about event reporting here

Requiring profile completion to attend virtual events

You can now opt to require member onboarding to join virtual events - livestreams, meetings, 1:1 match events and the new hybrid events. If enabled, this requirement would prompt a ‘Complete your profile’ modal window on Gradual when members join events. Members will need to complete all mandatory profile questions to enter the event environment.

As a reminder, users can see and engage with some components of your community before completing their profile but must fill out all mandatory fields to message other members, chat in events, and connect over video in events, roundtables, and networking matches. 

Simply enable this requirement in Events → Settings → 'Onboarding Required to Join Events'.

Learn more about sign-in and profile questions here

Ticket types in all events 

Now you can build and customize ticket types in all events - including meeting and 1:1 match events! Ticket types can vary in price and invitation access, or be associated with unique registration forms

Learn more about ticket types here

⚠️ Note: Ticket Setup is now where you adjust the number of seats/ tickets available in meeting rooms, versus in the Meeting Room tab. 

Restrict anonymous questions in Q&A

Many are using the new Q&A module for their virtual events and seeing more streamlined and organized Q&A. You can now control if attendees can submit questions anonymously (without providing their names) during livestream and meeting events. 

Learn more about the Q&A module settings here

Meeting Room Updates

Screen sharing display

When a host or panelist is screen sharing in a meeting room, their display within the meeting room will show the browser, page, etc. they are sharing. They can now follow along within Gradual versus navigating away from the meeting room. 

Learn more about the host and panelist controls in meeting rooms here

‘Staff’ attendee type in meeting events

There is a new attendee type in meeting events called Staff. Staff will have all the controls of a host (recording, audio controls, screen sharing, breakout room configuration, etc.) but will not be on camera or audio. This is a great solution for a staff member who is there to help with production and the behind-the-scenes functionality but won’t be presenting. Learn more about this attendee type at the base of this resource

Active speaker video feed display

The platform now prioritizes and displays members who are actively speaking to the front of the grid in meeting rooms. The video feed tiles for each member will display with the pinned or spotlit members first, then hosts → panelists → attendees who are actively speaking. This sequence will show in both gallery or speaker view, and when someone is screen sharing.

Learn more about spotlighting, pinning, and meeting room displays here

Other Features

Description text now available for profile and registration form questions

You can now add helper text or descriptions that populate directly below profile and event registration questions to provide more detail or guidance to members. 

Learn more about building member properties and profile questions here and event registration form questions here

Change forum posts’ boards

Forum moderators and community admins can relocate posts between boards from the Forum’s front end or in the dashboard. This is helpful for posts that were added to the wrong board initially, if boards are being merged, etc. 

Learn more about Forum boards here

Change forum moderation settings

From within Forum Settings, you can now see and control your content moderation strategy. 

Learn more about Forum moderation here


Segment integration: Event registration questions are now included in the payload for guest check-out events

Help Docs & Resources

Find all the documentation and resources on these new features and updates from May 2024 in our support center.

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