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July 12, 2023 · Last updated on September 15, 2023

Gradual Explained: Branding & Customization

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Customize your community with graphics and branding.

Custom Domain

Customize the direct URL or domain of your community to match your community and organization's branding.

While this cannot be changed dynamically, the Gradual team will aid you in making any necessary changes to the domain.

Community Name & Description

Customize the title or name of your community provide a description of the community space to visitors to the platform that fits your vision, and optimizes SEO search results.

You have the ability to change each of these dynamically from your admin dashboard settings.

Logos & Graphics

All logos and graphics found within your community are yours - from the tiny logo that appears in your browser to the large Event posters, every last graphic can be your community or organization's.

In addition, all automated messaging sent from the platform will include your community's name and logo so members feel comfortable receiving messaging and reminders.

Logos and graphics can be changed and modified at any time from your admin dashboard.

Theme Color

The platform is hosted in dark mode with all hyperlinks and buttons accented in your chosen theme color. This color can match your logo, or be any high-contrast color to make links and buttons pop out to your community members.

Branded Page Headers

A number of the pages in Gradual can be customized to fit your branding and catch the attention of visitors and members. Customize the text and graphics that appear to outside visitors to the community on your welcome page, and the sign-in page prompt, and the event page header for your members.

Curated Content Pages

You have full control over what content pieces users see when they navigate to the Content page. Feature the videos or blogs you want your audience to see first, or allow the platform to automatically populate the most recently added content to the top of the page.

Curate what's shown on the Content page through Collections: playlists or folders of grouped content by topic, event, theme, etc. and reorder and shuffle how those Collections are shown.

Eye-Catching Event Graphics

Event graphics like posters and tickets are branded and stylized by you and your team, and provide you with promotional opportunities outside of the Gradual community.

Virtual ticket pages are easily customizable and when enabled, produce eye-catching event promo pages for attendees to refer colleagues and contacts to attend. Track referrals and let your community do your marketing for you!

Elements and graphics of Gradual-hosted events like the agenda, speakers and sponsors can also be embedded on your website as iframes, to carry over the look and feel of your community to your organization's website.

Ads and Banners

A hero banner can be designed and uploaded to appear at the top of the home page as an anchor image, or upload a number of banners to rotate and bring movement and life to the homepage. All hero banners can link externally, or to items within your community to drive traffic and engagement.

Ads can be designed and added to appear on your Content pages as anchor images or rotating images to link to other content pieces, events you're promoting, or external websites.

Partners & Sponsor Booths

Showcase your portfolio of partners and sponsors in an engaging fashion with interactive booths using your terminology, and structure at the community level and within each event you host. Tier the booths to feature top sponsors in your community and even empower your partners to upload their graphics and videos so booths stay current and engaging.


To learn all about how to customize the look and feel of your Gradual community, check out this resource: Branding Your Community

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