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July 12, 2023 · Last updated on September 15, 2023

Gradual Explained: Spaces

# About Gradual

Visualize how Spaces work in Gradual.

Spaces are configurable access groups that allow you to assign certain members access and visibility to designated content or events.

All members, whether they are in a Space(s) or not, can see other People in the community, Messages/Channels, Tools, and all ads and banners. Spaces only restrict visibility and access to Events & Content, so someone in a Space sees all content and events that are NOT Space restricted + the content and events that are restricted to their Space.

You can assign multiple pieces of content or events to spaces (e.g. Three videos + two events assigned to one space) and also a single piece of content or event to multiple spaces (e.g. One video is assigned to three different spaces). You can also assign one member to multiple spaces.

Currently, Channels, Tools and People are not space assigned and will be visible to all members of the community.

Click here to learn more about Spaces in Gradual.

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