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Product Feature Release
September 6, 2023 · Last updated on January 10, 2024

2023 August: Product Feature Releases

# Product Update
# New Features

All the product features released in August of 2023

Laura Curzi
Laura Curzi

Featured Features

Early Access Live Event Link

We have recently changed the way you access an event early for testing to provide a more secure link to the live event environment. Instead of changing the URL (using a skip countdown parameter), you now access the event through the ‘Live Environment Preview link’ found in the event's dashboard. The play icon is your personalized access link, and the copy icon provides the link to share with other registrants like speakers or presenters who need to access the event early for a tech check, but may not have dashboard access.


Each Live Environment Preview link is tokenized and allows access to registered attendees for 48 hours as an added level of security. If the link expires, simply copy it again and send it to those who need to jump in early to test!

Learn more about the Live Environment Preview link here

Channels Enhancements 

Channels are community-level conversations, accessible to members from the home page. Channels can now be space-restricted so only certain members of a space can see and engage in that conversation or channel. You can also now pin and delete chat messages on the front end as chat moderators. 

Learn more about Channels here and more about Chat Moderators here

Other Features

Create New Member Accounts Using Zapier

You can now utilize Zapier to trigger the creation of new member accounts in your Gradual community. Using an external form, page, etc. you can collect the necessary sign-up information from potential members, and automatically trigger the creation of new accounts in Gradual.

Learn more about the integration with Zapier for new member accounts and event registrations here

Subcommunity customization 

Customize your subcommunities’ titles and descriptions to match your branding and nomenclature from the parent, or main community’s dashboard. Customize the titling used on the main menu and ‘Explore’ page, along with all graphics and description language per subcommunity. 

Learn more about Subcommunities and their customization here

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