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Product Feature Release
June 30, 2023 · Last updated on January 10, 2024

2023 June: Product Feature Releases

# Product Update
# New Features

All the product features released in June of 2023

Laura Curzi
Laura Curzi

Featured Features

Zapier Integration - Event Registrations

Now users can RSVP for an event on another platform or website and a ‘zap’ transfers that information into Gradual for you and registers them for the event in Gradual. 

This Zapier integration is in private beta, so if you’d like to explore this feature, reach out to the Gradual team.

The feature in action:

A Gradual customer has seen great success and attendance if they create an event and invite their contacts on LinkedIn using LinkedIn’s native ads. Because they want to collect registrations and host the event in Gradual, they’ve enabled the Zapier integration to communicate and trigger the LinkedIn event RSVPs to Gradual registrations; anyone who registers for the LinkedIn event is automatically registered for the event in Gradual through a ‘zap’!

Sponsors & Tools Customization

Customize the community-level and in-event sponsor pages to cater to your organization’s branding, structure, and unique partnerships. You can now modify the menu name, page text, and tier titles to reflect your structure and naming conventions. You can reorganize categories so members can more easily filter and find the booths they are looking for, or hide them entirely if they’re not functional for your use-case.

This is a fantastic way to showcase your community’s portfolio of partners, sponsors, or products to your members in a way that makes sense for your organization and customers. 

Learn more about customizing sponsor and partner pages here.


The feature in action:

A Gradual customer is using Tools to showcase their firm’s Portfolio Companies. Each booth is customized to feature demo requests, ‘Meet the Founder’ events, and informational PDFs or videos on each company. They have customized their tiers to their terminology for funding and feature new companies at the top of the page for guided browsing for LPs. 

Other Features

Check-in App: Trust & Verify Documents

Do you have an NDA or a photo release contract that you need your event registrants to agree to before they engage in your in-person events? Now you can load any terms for attendee approval into the Gradual Check-In App, and enable agreement via a simple check box or signature from event attendees. 

This can be enabled for in-person events and can be structured as a seamless self-service kiosk mode for attendees, or staff-prompted approval at event check-in. 

Learn more about this check-in feature here

Subtitles & Closed Captions

By default, all Gradual livestream events can support receiving closed captions embedded within your RTMP stream. Gradual doesn’t generate the captions for you, but by using commercially available tools like EEG Falcon or Webprompter, your captions can be embedded into your RTMP feed and displayed in Gradual. 

You can find the technical specifications on passing and displaying captions here.

We’re continuing to explore ways to improve accessibility on Gradual so stay tuned for more accessibility features and improvements for your events and content, like auto-generated captions and transcripts.


Check out the Q2 Product Update replay

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