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Product Feature Release
November 1, 2023 · Last updated on January 10, 2024

2023 October: Product Feature Releases

# Product Update
# New Features

All the product features released in October of 2023

Laura Curzi
Laura Curzi

Featured Features

Customization of ‘Blog’ Name

Do you call your blogs something else like ‘Articles’ or ‘Presentations’ in your community? Gradual now allows you to customize the name used in the main menu and across the community for written content. 

Learn how to easily make the change in your dashboard here.

Online Members 

When 25 or more members are logged into your community, an ‘Online Members’ bar will activate and appear on the homepage that shows the avatars of everyone online. This feature brings the community alive and shows your members that there is activity and buzz. Members can hover over the avatar of another member to see their profile and select their picture to connect with them straight from the homepage. 

This feature can be customizable for smaller communities where the threshold of members online to activate the ‘Online Members’ bar can be as low as 5.


Tagged Events URL

On the Events page in your community’s front end, users can filter events by topic or tag from the drop-down on the right-hand side. They can also select the buttons across the top to see events that are upcoming, that have past, or are live.

The URL now updates to be a deep link when those actions are taken and can be used to drive traffic to filtered groups of events - by tags, by date, or a combination of the two! 

Here is an example of finding the link to all events tagged ‘Marketing’ and then to all events tagged ‘Marketing’ that are ‘Upcoming’ in our community.  

Learn more about tags here.

Other Features

Global Community Search Expanded Scope

To ensure your members can find what they’re looking for over the entire platform the search bar in your community now searches and retrieves suggestions from Forum posts and Tools booths, along with the existing results from member profiles, content, and events.

Events Added to Webhooks & Integrations

There is now a ‘New Member Login’ event available in outbound webhooks and some improvements to the Rudderstack integration; ‘Tenant ID’ or Slug is included in the payload and an ‘Attended Event’ event has been added to the data stream.


Here is a feature that isn’t necessarily ‘new’, but you may not be aware of what it is and the impact it can have.

Content: Manually manipulating the publish date

Gradual’s logic lists content pieces by ‘most recent’ on the home page, within Collections, and on content pages. You can manipulate the order by changing the publish date of any piece of content in the dashboard to more recent and what you want promoted at the top, will shuffle to the top.

Here's how to manually set content publish dates.

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