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Product Feature Release
January 2, 2024 · Last updated on January 10, 2024

2023 December: Product Feature Releases

# New Features
# Product Update

All the product features released in December of 2023

Laura Curzi
Laura Curzi

Featured Features

Forum Access Restrictions

Allow only certain groups of members to see and engage in the Forum through space restriction access settings in your dashboard. Currently, the access settings apply to the entire Forum feature (ability to read or make posts, comment, etc.) versus individual posts. This allows you to seed your Forum to a smaller group of trusted members before sharing it with your entire community. 

Learn more about Forum settings here

Event Session Reports

You can now generate a detailed report for livestream events that shows how long attendees viewed your agenda sessions, and the event as a whole. Exported from your event dashboard, the session report will give you a list of the attendees who have logged in and the duration of their viewership, session by session. 

Learn more about this report and how to export it here

Other Features


Gifs can be added to jazz up your content, forum posts, and event descriptions using the add image icon across the platform. Upload them in the dashboard in content blocks for blogs and resources and description blocks for events. On the front end, users can embed gifs in Forum posts and comments, too!

Invitation Only Ticket data exports 

Track who’s used event invitation codes, or registered for the invite-only tickets, and when, through detailed invitation exports. The export includes all data fields provided from the Invitees list and the Invitation codes list in the event dashboard. 

Roundtable time slot prompt

Every roundtable needs at least one time slot built for members to hop in and join the conversation. A new prompt in the dashboard helps hosts avoid forgetting to set a time slot for roundtable(s) and ensures a good user experience when joining the video call. 

Attendees displayed on event detail page

Event registrants marked ‘Attendee’ can be shown on the event detail page of your community’s front end to show who’s registered to attend. Those marked as ‘Guest’, ‘Speaker’, ‘Staff’, etc., are hidden from the event detail page and virtual ticket page (if enabled). Thankfully, most registrants are marked as ‘Attendee’ automatically and will appear on the front end - but now you can hide staff or guests from the front-end list by changing their attendee type. 

Learn more about attendee types here

Meeting Room Audio Controls

Hosts have elevated audio controls in meeting rooms that allow them to mute all attendees - including hosts and panelists.

Dashboards in alphabetical order

If you manage several Gradual communities and dashboards, you will now notice that all dashboards are sorted alphabetically on  

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