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Product Feature Release
July 28, 2023 · Last updated on January 10, 2024

2023 July: Product Feature Releases

# Product Update
# New Features

All the product features released in July of 2023

Laura Curzi
Laura Curzi

Featured Features

Event Registration Questions

You can now prompt event registrants with a series of questions as they’re registering for events in Gradual. Admins can customize the text and format of the questions to gather mandatory or optional responses that are specific to each event.

The questions are prompted when the user registers for the event, and all data is carried over to their attendee record and in attendee exports in the event dashboard. 

This is a great solution for gathering information that’s specific to an event like what menu item attendees would like at the conference keynote dinner, or if they have any questions for the presenters ahead of the session. This can also be a solution to privacy policy or NDA agreement ahead of attendees’ arrival to the event, either in person or virtually. 

Learn more about customizable event registration forms here

Manual & Automatic Chat Moderation

As an event host, it’s important to moderate the chat, spotlight the messages that are important for all to see, and take action if chats are inappropriate or members are disruptive.

Front-end moderation in Livestream events

A new role, ‘Chat Moderators’ can now be enabled to help moderate livestream event chats from the front-end, during the event. This makes it easier to stay focused on the live event and take action in real-time in the chat thread. 

Front-end moderation in Meeting Rooms

Also, hosts in meeting events and roundtables can now moderate event chats from the front-end, during the event. 

Automatic Moderation

Gradual has also recently deployed a number of native moderation features that automatically moderate messaging and chats so they are appropriate and work to deter spamming:

  1. Basic profanity filter moderation will block messages and return an error to the user if the text contains profanity, or contains blanks or spaces only
  2. Posts are only received via the frontend UI, so users will be unable to post to the chat via the API or script

Learn more about how to moderate and manage chat and event attendees here

Other Great Features

Event Filtering on the Front End

Users can now filter community events on the Event page by Tags, and by timing. The filtering drop-down on the right now includes all the event tags in your community, and users can select a topic or tag and see all events that have been tagged. Now’s the time to tag your events so community members can find topical events - learn more about Tags here.

Users can also sort events by those that are ‘Upcoming’, ‘Now’, or in the ‘Past’ by selecting the buttons in the top left. 

Data & Analytics

Gradual can now integrate with Rudderstack, which is an events/payload integration similar to Segment or Google Tag Manager. Build customer data pipelines that connect your whole customer data stack and trigger enrichment and activation in customer tools based on analysis in your data warehouse. 

Gradual also now includes page tags in the data layers and a tenant-specific token is included in webhook payloads to improve the data tracking and analytics for your community. 

New Agenda Session Type: External URL

You can now link out to an external URL for a livestream agenda session if you need to host a session in another platform, or link to another site during a session. 

Note: This type of session will take attendees OUT of Gradual and should only be used when absolutely necessary as users may not return to the event in Gradual.


Here is a feature that isn’t necessarily ‘new’, but you may not be aware of what it is and the impact it can have. Take a look at the feature(s) below and how they have been leveraged by other Gradual customers. 

Embedded iframes / modals for event registration

Event prep is in full swing and oftentimes with larger events and conferences, there is a need for more customizable event pages. You don’t have to sacrifice the ease of registration and follow-up in Gradual just because you’re using an external event landing page.

The embedded iframes and registration form modals outlined below allow you to have the best of both worlds: a fully custom landing page with a direct connection to your Gradual event.

Event Registration Form

Embed the event registration pop up on your event landing page or website so when a registrant selects ‘Register’ they complete the event registration in the Gradual pop-up, and are automatically added as an attendee in the platform, without ever leaving the event landing page on their site. Learn more about how to add those to your website here.

Event elements

Embed elements of your Gradual event like the sponsors, speakers or agenda to your custom website. Learn more about how to add those to your website here.

Community Event and Content Lists

Embed content or event lists to your website so visitors can see all you have to offer, and are directly linked back to your community from your homepage. Learn more about how to add content and event lists to your website here.

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