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Product Feature Release
June 2, 2023 · Last updated on January 10, 2024

2023 May: Product Feature Releases

# Product Update
# New Features

All the product features released in May of 2023

Laura Curzi
Laura Curzi

Featured Feature


Subcommunities are unique & separate environments for curated groups of your community, that are linked to the main, parent community. All aspects of a subcommunity are separate and unique: members, events, content, channels, and branding. Enable invite-only, application-based, or open subcommunities for groups of community members from different countries, different membership access levels, etc. while still having a main, parent community for everyone. 

If this feature would help with the framework of your community, reach out to us to talk through architecting Subcommunities for your organization. 

The feature in action: 

A Gradual customer is using Subcommunities to better curate content to their international members through country subcommunities. Each subcommunity will host content catered to their members’ home country, and events in their local timezone, while all community members can engage in organization-wide events and broadcasted content in the parent community environment. 

New Features

IMPORTANT: Privacy Policy & Code of Conduct

We recently changed the platform so that when new members sign up, they agree to your community code of conduct and privacy policy. Historically, we have presented your Code of Conduct, but Gradual’s own privacy policy. This changed recently and as a result, we’re asking all customers to please update their Code of Conduct and add your own Privacy Policy.

Take some inspiration from our templates, and learn more about how to update these important documents here

Enhanced Collaborators Features

Empower your community to host events and publish content with enhanced features and resources for collaborators. Delegate content creation and event management at varying levels to those you trust and stand confident that they have access to only the events and content they’ve created in a limited collaborator dashboard, and that you can track their progress in your admin dashboard. 

You can also select different access levels or permissions, so collaborators only have certain capabilities when it comes to events and content within your community.

Collaborators now have their own guidebook of resources in our support center that caters to their access levels, capabilities, and dashboard. Their guides can be found here

Hidden Gem

Here is a feature that isn’t necessarily ‘new’ but has come up as a ‘hidden gem’ for Gradual customers recently.

Export lists

Did you know that your Member Export list is chock full of helpful information? 

User activity like the date and time they signed up, when they completed their profile, and when they were last online is all tracked and provided in this download. The Refer URL lists where in the community the user actually signed up to be a member.

This is particularly helpful to track if users signed up from gated content (that prompts sign up) or on other pages like People, Channels, etc. 

Profile information can provide great insight into the community’s makeup: what they’re interested in and even where they’re located. You can also manipulate the export list to show who’s not completed their profile and craft up targeted messaging to encourage onboarding. 

Learn more about how to export community members here

Event Attendee Exports also provide some user activity & profile information, but also referral and UTM traffic data. UTM stands for ‘Urchin Tracking Module’ and these parameters are used by marketers to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. UTM sources, campaigns, etc. will populate on this export to help you (or your marketing team) see what promotions and outlets work best to prompt your community members to sign up for events. 

This list will show the referrer URL per registrant and if a virtual ticket is enabled, the registration can be traced back to certain event registrants, even! Learn more about virtual tickets and their benefits here

Learn more about how to export event registrants and attendees here

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